Workshop Summary -Blending Your Own Faculty Development Program Using Open Components from the Blended Learning ToolKit

This 90 minute workshop which engaged the participants in a discussion of the Blended Learning ToolKit was superbly led by Kelvin Thompson and Linda Futch of the University of Central Florida. Developed through a Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) grant, the Blended Learning ToolKit is a collection of resources about Blended Learning and for the creation of Blended Learning Courses in Higher Education.

The resources are designed to assist faculty in transitioning face to face courses to a blended format. The materials within the Blended ToolKit were developed specifically to be subject matter neutral, focusing first on the basics of blending a course. It is important to note that the blending process really starts with rethinking the course and consequently redesigning the syllabus.

While the process of moving to a blended mode of teaching may seem daunting (suggested timeline for redesign ~ 6 months), ideally the responsibility of moving from face to face to blended learning should not solely rely on the instructor to go it alone. Instead it should involve communication and collaboration among the faculty and the instructional design/support staff to ensure the most appropriate blend is achieved. The resources within the ToolKit can be used to facilitate those discussions and the course redesign process.

These resources are open and can be adopted and adapted as necessary for the institution in which they are being applied.

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