Session Summary – Pushing in the Clutch: Getting Faculty in Gear and Engaged

Bob’s presentation rang true with what I have experienced. Engaging faculty in professional development activities involves the willingness of the instructional design staff to:

  • work one-on-one with faculty
  • hold workshop sessions during times that work for the faculty including after hours and on weekends
  • hold workshops focusing on specific Departmental needs
  • invite faculty to join in communities of inquiry on teaching with technology
  •  include faculty as part of the instructional technology team attending conferences together
  • organize topical discussions such as book groups, special presenters, etc
  • make professional development opportunities enjoyable and in formats preferred by the faculty

It is important to provide various opportunities for faculty to provide input and feedback on their needs and concerns around teaching with technology. Faculty input should then be used to assist with the development of workshops, targeting of speakers, development of tutorials for just in time learning, and identify other professional development opportunities.

Faculty must feel comfortable with the staff and trust that the staff will work collaboratively with the faculty member to design the learning experiences in a way that support both the faculty member and the students. It is the responsibility of the faculty support staff/ID staff to build those relationships one person/department at a time.

For many of those in the room, this information was not new, but it sure felt good to have ones experiences validated by others in the field.

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